9/11 Services

On Monday, Sep 11, we conducted a memorial service at Brookdale Assisted Living in Manahawkin to remember the victims of 9/11.  Dan and Janet Boesman, Sharon McGovern, Jack Milne, and Gene Zombory were in attendance from the Elks.  Poems and short stories that were written following that tragic day were read by Dan and Sharon, and Wendy Conroy, Program Director for Brookdale.  Judy, a resident of the facility, and Sharon read patriotic quotes that have inspired Americans throughout history.  These were written by Abraham Lincoln, Harry S. Truman, Colin Powell and other notable historical figures.  Following the readings, Gene Zombory of the Elks Veterans Committee gave a heartfelt presentation to the residents about September 11, the patriotism that followed and our military today.  After the service was completed we stayed for some hospitality, music and to visit with the residents.