Apple Festival ~ Lacey Historical Society

The Annual Apple Festival presented by the Society held on the last Saturday of September on the museum grounds has been modified due to operational difficulties.  Upon the recommendation of Lacey Township Recreation Director the Apple Festival will be combined with the Lacey Day celebration at Gillie Park this year on September 30th, noon to 4 pm.  

Not all of the usual venues will be presented but the Historical Society will be incorporating some.  Fresh baked apple crisp made with the assistance of the OCVT culinary department will be available for purchase as well as Candy Apples and Caramel Apple slices.

The Apple Pie Baking Contest will be held and is open to the public with the usual two categories;  adults & students. Winners will be announced at 3:45 and will receive $50.00 for first place, $30.00 for second and $20.00 for third in each contest.  To participate drop your pies off at the pavilion at Gille park between 10:30 and 12:00.  Registration forms will be available on the door of the museum at 126 S. Main St. after August 15th or call the museum at 609-971-0467 for further information.

Some other events will be presented and the Old Fashioned games will be incorporated with the many kids games.  Please come out and enjoy the Lacey Day/Afest celebration with us! For questions call the museum 609-971-0467.