Beyond and Within: Outsider Art 

The term Outsider art describes works created outside the boundaries of the established art scene or official culture.  Other labels used to describe this particular group of art are Intuitive, Naïve, or Visionary art.  These artists have developed their own unique styles to solve creative problems or to express themselves without formal training.  Their images are often uninhibited, spontaneous, and psychic.  For the month of October, the Waretown Branch of the Ocean County Library presents a display of such artists both from our local area and from the Trenton Community A-TEAM (TCAT) Artists group.

Marty Mayo’s evocative artwork encompasses various media to achieve his art.  Mayo’s colors and subjects are unrestrained.   He comes from a family of distinguished artists who have inspired his works.

Larry Pater is a newly discovered Outsider artist.  Each subject he paints comes from a compelling desire to capture and explain his visions or psychic observations and beliefs.

A-Team Artists of Trenton are visual artists who use the services of the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen.  This group was formed to offer needed resources to pursue creative activities, provide a supportive environment, and offer a means to sell their art.  Since the formation of this group in 2001, their numbers have grown and their artworks have been displayed on the walls of galleries and museums.  They have extended their focus to form shows and workshops for various groups that provide services for physically and cognitively disabled adults.

These programs are free and open to the public. 

Please register online at  or by calling 609 693-5133