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For prisoner reentry to work, the private sector must play a key role

By Mary Gatta

The U.S. criminal justice system is in crisis. With approximately 2 million persons incarcerated, this $74 billion annual expenditure is not economically self-sustaining, nor have results proven successful.

Every year, prisons release approximately 650,000 inmates. Within the first year, more than half of persons released are unable to secure identification, meaningful employment, and earn enough legal income to survive. The most recent Justice Department national survey estimated that within three years of their release from prison, two-thirds of ex-offenders are arrested for a new crime.

Yet according to the results of a new study from the Manhattan Institute, certain programs have proved successful in preventing such an outcome. The ultimate answer: arriving at steady employment with pathways to economic security. Employment that offers a meaningful schedule, health benefits, and consistent life patterns.

Securing this employment, however, is not easy.

First, clients need a license. Licenses are typically suspended during incarceration, with substantial fines incurred against the license post release. If fines are not paid, ongoing license suspension and a potential bench warrant is issued.

At the New Jersey Reentry Corporation (NJRC) — a pro bono legal assistance program with the Motor Vehicles Commission and the Young Lawyer’s Division of the NJ State Bar Association — assists clients to restore their licenses.

A driver’s license enables a client to enroll in the Laborer’s or Carpenter’s Apprenticeship Program, secure a Commercial Driver’s License, as well as obtain medical and psychiatric care, housing, food stamps, and life’s necessities.

Second, clients need to address outstanding municipal court issues. Prior to employment, clients should take care of any traffic violations, family court or child support orders, debt and legal violations. Through a network of over 63 pro bono attorneys who represent NJRC clients statewide, the group petitions the court to monetize prison time as a means of “paying” outstanding municipal court financial obligations.

Third, apply treatment for substance abuse in transitional housing. This has been central to the success of the exceptional Hudson County Community Reintegration Program. Upon release from jail, clients are placed into transitional sober housing, where the goal is to help them achieve and maintain sobriety — a stabilization process typically between 60 to 90 days — which staff members have learned is crucial if any progress is to be achieved.

The New Jersey Reentry Corporation at Jersey City Employment and Training Program (JCETP) provides ongoing Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) for addiction through Integrity House and enrollment through the Affordable Care Act at a Federally Qualified Health Center.

Fourth, develop a customized client employment plan. While addressing health, housing, and legal challenges, the NJRC begins to do just that. Because of historically lower client educational achievement, the NJRC provides access to the Workforce Learning Link, the state funded GED software and on-site tutoring to secure clients’ GED/TASC testing. Clients are also administered the Test of Adult Basic Education to establish a proficiency benchmark to determine appropriate training avenues.

Further, the organization customizes targeted federal, state, and private training dollars to target meaningful job opportunities.

Does it work?

The Manhattan Institute study found that, from January 2016 to July 2016, the NJRC certified 383 clients in general labor jobs, 227 in warehousing/ manufacturing, 101 in food services, 82 in sales, and 43 in transportation. In addition, through the U.S. Department of Transportation “Ladders of Opportunity” grant, the Jersey City program trained 177 clients for a variety of jobs in NJ Transit, Department of Public Works, and for entry into building-trade unions (as Laborers, Carpenters, Masons, Painters, and Pipefitters).

The program held a 58 percent employment-placement rate, which arguably impacted its 19.7 percent recidivism rate for the same period — earning it praise from the DOJ.

The program has now been replicated throughout the state.

Recent changes of laws have helped. State Sen. Sandra B. Cunningham’s “Ban the Box” and sponsorship of expungement reforms that are supported by the Gov. Chris Christie, Senate President Stephen Sweeney, and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto will make securing employment easier.

Yet, it is the growing recognition and support by the private sector and business trades association advocacy that have made all the difference.

Government programs and nonprofit case management prepares and manages to the starting line.

Yet, as Christie recently said, the end game is a job that offers a pathway to security, that’s where we need the private sector.

Mary Gatta is an associate professor of sociology at CUNY-Stella and Charles Guttman Community College and co-author of the neManhattan Institute report, “Identifying Effective Prisoner Reentry Strategies.”

20 Tips to Help You Get Rid of Junk

By , contributing editor
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moving day

Helping a parent downsize for a move can be complicated. Where you see a houseful of stuff to sort and toss, your parent is apt to see treasures, essentials, and a lifetime of memories.

“To let go of what we have around us is to confront a very different living situation,” says senior-relocation industry leader Nan Hayes of Hinsdale, Illinois, founder of “People tend to cling to their possessions to avoid dealing with other issues, like stress or fear.”

For adults over 60, only a spouse’s death and divorce rank as more stressful than moving to a nursing or retirement home, according to the Social Readjustment Rating Scale, aka the Stress Scale.

Here, 20 expert-tested ideas to avoid the “junk wars” and make downsizing less stressful — for all of you.

Sorting | Coping with treasures | Selling | Donating | Discarding | Getting help

Downsizing tips: How to sort

1. Avoid tackling the whole house in one go.

Though it’s more efficient for you to plow full steam ahead, your parent is apt to be stressed emotionally, if not also physically. When organizing a parent’s move, it’s better to think in terms of months, not days.

Tackle one room or area at a time. About two hours at a stretch is ideal for many older adults, says Margit Novack, president of MovingSolutions in Philadelphia and founding president of the National Association of Senior Move Managers.


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Let Love Rule

Written By:  Michelle DeNatale

Love. A four letter word that scares some people because of another four letter word: fear. And I sit here and wonder what could be so daunting about such a beautiful thing. As for me, I am very open to love and I love everything, even my enemies. Yes, you read that right. Once you realize how so very powerful love can be and how forgiving it is, you see love- and beauty- in everything and everyone. I have this love, this eternal peace, this endless and harmonious energy that will never die, that could never be brought down. Sure, I’ve been hurt before in past relationships, more times than I’d care to remember, but I know that love exists and that there is someone out there who will offer me the same love that I hold in my heart. So I move on and believe in that pure and eternal love. Love is awesome. And I am in awe of it every day.

If only we were somewhat like children, where we didn’t have much of a filter. Children are pure, and if they feel a certain emotion, they will usually say it. It’s only until we’ve become grown up that we tend to hide our true feelings. We become like our pineal gland, calcified due to an unhealthy diet, unable to function properly. Our ability to express love is inhibited by certain experiences in our lives, “calcifying” our hearts. We need to shake this disease and be child-like again, in awe of love, easily inspired, and not afraid of speaking our true heart’s desires.

When I see a stranger, I want to tell them that I love them. When I see a homeless person, I want to hug them and tell them that I love them. I love the trees growing in my backyard. I love the air that I breathe. It’s alive. Feel its energy. I love the bees that make the honey, I love the flowers that the bees kiss, the spiders that spin their webs outside my door, and the fish and strange creatures that swim in our oceans. I love the rain and I love the thunder. I even hold a very special kind of love for the cruel global elite that control this world. But that is a different kind of love than I would have for a lover or a life partner. Or for my family members. Even for myself. There are many different dimensions of love. Divine love. Self-love. Love for family and friends. Natural love. And the beautiful soulmate love, which inspires me immensely. I do love everyone and everything. And what is so wrong with that? Nothing, in my eyes. Love is pure and true. It is for all. And I believe that people need to stop building these walls around their hearts and let love in…and out. It needs to flow. To block it only creates poor health, stress, hatred, and fear.

For some people, love is one of the scariest words- and emotions- on Earth. Just because you tell someone that you love them doesn’t mean that you are locked into a life-long binding contract with them. It doesn’t mean that you are a stalker or that you are going to cling to them, or that you won’t ever be able to leave them. Or maybe people think that by saying “I love you” too often or “loosely”, that the true meaning will lose its value. This misconception needs to be put to death. Love can never lose its value. Never. It is way too powerful. When those three words are spoken, it should come directly from the heart. We should never be on auto-pilot when saying it.

I have much love for my ex-boyfriends. Not the same love that I held for them while we were together, but yes…of course I still love them and I always will. It doesn’t mean that I want to be with them. But they hold a special place in my heart and they helped shaped me into the person that I am today. I believe that everyone who I come across in my life is meant to be. There are no coincidences. To love is no accident. To love instantly is natural, it is something that we come into this world with from the moment we are born. Love knows what it is doing and more people need to trust in it. Let go of your inhibitions. We are so much more powerful than we believe ourselves to be.

I have been in relationships where it took the guy (what seemed like) forever to tell me that he loved me, and even after he let the words flow from his heart (which were always there in the first place), he still had problems telling me those three little words often. Something that I needed to hear. I think humans need to hear it. Every day. As often as possible. We all need to feel love, even from strangers. Even from people that we just met. Why not? I do not fear love. Neither should you. Every time I see my friends, I hug them and tell them that I love them. I tell my family members that I love them. And when I meet someone for the first time, I feel love for them, just as I feel for life itself. Because they are life, we are all in this together, we are all one. Yes, I love the people that I just met. It’s an unconditional love. But to actually tell someone that and let the words materialize from heart to mouth? Most people will freeze up and feel the need to run the other way. And that bothers me, because I hold such an intense love in my heart for everything. It’s like this overwhelming feeling. And I want to tell people. It shouldn’t be wrong. Love is never wrong.

Where did society, where did we as a human race, go wrong in believing that love is such a scary and horrible thing? If we really stop for a moment, just really sit in peace for one moment in our busy crazy lives, and truly dig deep within and think about it…love isn’t so daunting. It really isn’t. Allow it to be within you. You can never go wrong with love and harmony in your heart. Let it rule.

I do understand that there are many that have been hurt and there are some that have never really felt love. They feel like love has betrayed them. But in reality, it’s not love in itself that has betrayed them, but just the circumstances. Just because there was one or two (or more) people in their lives that weren’t able to offer them the love that was needed… that doesn’t make them unlovable. We are lovable. We are all capable of loving and being loved. There are so many people in this world and beings in this universe filled with this pure and amazing energy, like me, who are willing and able. You will always attract what you believe in. If you don’t believe that love exists, you will never see it. If you believe that you are worthy of that love (and you are!), you will see it and feel it everywhere. You would be open to so many possibilities.

Love is beautiful and love should be free-flowing. It should just progress around this world and across the universe like a beautiful and pure magic spell. It needs to rise above all, it needs to radiate and emanate. Love makes us feel good. It brings good health. It raises our vibrations. It brings people together. So take a moment and see the beauty around you…take a deep breath and know that it is all around you. Know that there are many that love you. Absorb it, feel it. And give it right back. It should be ever-flowing and ever-growing. It’s time to let go of that fear. It’s time to rise above and shine bright like the stars that you are! And if you feel this love, then do not be afraid to show it…this world can really use more of us!

michelle sept

Lighthouse International Film Fest: A Must See!

By Jennifer L. Grazioso

The Lighthouse International Film Festival has proven to be quite the event to attend.  I have seen five films over the last four days and each one was a pleasure to view.

lighthouse international film fest

The first one, Finder Keepers, was one of my favorites for its sheer wackiness as well as a lovely underlying story of courage.

My second film, Abby Singer, Songwriter, was my least favorite.  It was kind of all over the place and I still don’t understand the title.  There was no Abby.

Yesterday, I viewed three in a row, which were all very different but very well done.

The first, Antarctic Edge:  70° South, was an eye-opening film that left me questioning climate change.  The film took place at Palmer Station, located at the Antarctica where the conditions are extreme, harsh and dangerous.  Scientists spend time tracking, taking samples, and photographing (breathtaking images) the wildlife (Adelie penguins, seals and whales).  They also are monitoring the temperatures, winter vs. summer ice, and the sea life, i.e. krill.  Krill are especially important on the food chain for the whales and penguins.  As I watched the film I was in awe and often stuck with chills while listening  to the facts of how a 100 year storm could turn into a 10 year storm.   We are still cleaning up from Sandy and people are still without their home.  I think we need to start thinking of change!

My second film, Top Spin, was about Table Tennis as known also Ping Pong.  It took us through the day in and day out of children practicing, training and competing to achieve their Olympic goal.  It was very interesting to see the United States battle against the very competitive Chinese, who are #1; USA is #25.

The last film, Safelight, was my favorite.  It has a great storyline and wonderful actors and actresses.  The main actor, Evan Peters struggles with confidence and falling for a girl who is prostitute.  He often puts himself in danger for her.  The two wind up traveling the California coast photographing lighthouses for a contest he enters for high school.  During the trip, he gains confidence and she realizes she can leave the horrible life and start fresh.

I will definitely will attend the event next year and look forward to the many wonderful films they have to offer.


I want to personally thank Christine Rooney and Jill Voshell PR at Lighthouse International Film Festival.


Retailers: Leverage Improving Incomes & Millennial Shoppers

Retailers will look to stay competitive — for the best price — as consumer spending increases and Millennials command the marketplace.
By: Procurement Research Analyst, Jordan Weinstein


In light of steady improvements in employment rates and disposable income over recent years, retailers can expect consumer spending to continue on a positive trend in the coming years. In particular, a large portion of spending is expected to come from a strengthening consumer demographic: Millennials. The group, which is loosely characterized as people born between the early 1980s and early 2000s, has an estimated $200 billion in annual buying power. To take advantage of this consumer group’s considerable purchasing power, as well as overall rises in spending in line with the strengthening economy, retailers will need to adjust their business strategies to appeal to Millennials. Fortunately, with overall consumer spending and corporate profit rising, retailers will have more funds available for related expansions and upgrades. IBISWorld has identified various products and services that could help retailers improve their customer engagement, distribution centers and store operations.

Advertising & Marketing

Traditional print advertising is on its way out, so if retailers want to remain competitive, they must adapt to new forms of advertising. Social media advertising campaigns, for example, have become popular strategies for reaching consumers, especially Millennials, and developing customer engagement. Other new advertising formats include: native advertising, crowd sourcing, online advertisingdigital advertising and integrated advertising. According to IBISWorld, demand for all of these advertising services has experienced growth during the three years to 2015, a trend that is forecast to continue through 2018. But because prices for digital advertising agency services and integrated advertising, in particular, are anticipated to rise during the next three years, buyers should look to secure contracts to lock in lower prices. Buyers may also be able to save by working with a diversified supplier that offers multiple types of advertising services. The use of a single service provider can often mean volume discounts based on a larger contract value, as well as the benefits of a streamlined marketing approach.

In addition to these advertising tactics, retailers can also look to search engine marketing (SEM) services. SEM helps retailers increase their visibility online, which is especially important because Millennials are known for doing their research online before making a purchasing decision. The use of these tactics helps to mitigate wasted advertising expenses and allows retailers to focus their efforts where customers spend the most time. IBISWorld expects the price of third-party SEM services to increase in the three years to 2018, but the availability of alternatives such as in-house or software solutions will slow growth for SEM services compared to the past three years. Overall, the positive effects of low market concentration and high availability of substitutes balance out the negative impacts of high product specialization and high switching costs, giving buyers more negotiation power.

E-Commerce & Distribution

According to market research firm GlobalWebIndex, 67% of Millennials buy products online and together they make up more than half of the nation’s mobile shoppers. The purchasing behaviors of this group are contributing to skyrocketing demand for e-commerce and online auctions, which has increased 10.9% per year on average since 2012, according to IBISWorld. In order to meet growing demand from e-commerce sales, retailers are being forced to adjust. For instance, Walmart plans to open four 1 million-square-foot distribution and fulfillment centers by late 2015, while Target expects to spend $1 billion this year to improve its supply chain and technology systems.

Retailers that already have distribution centers in place can procure warehouse management systems and distribution center equipment, such as automatic palletizers and conveyor systems, to achieve greater operational efficiency and improved shipping times. If the retailer does not have its own distribution center,order fulfillment services can be used. These services allow retailers to outsource the packaging and shipping processes to a third-party fulfillment provider. According to IBISWorld, the prices of these products and services are forecast to grow in the next three years; therefore, retailers should seek contracts now to lock in current prices and avoid potential price hikes.

Fixtures & Signage

For the 81% of shopping that Millennials still do in physical stores, according to IBISWorld, retailers have been making superficial changes to enhance the customer experience and improve customer loyalty. By updating their retail store fixtures and storefront signage, retailers can help create positive shipping experiences for their in-store visitors. Retail store fixtures and storefront signage can be used to create an inviting, attractive and memorable first impression on potential customers, including the highly influential Millennial demographic. Additionally, upgrades to environmentally friendly options, such as energy-efficient lights and recycled materials, will reduce their carbon footprint while resonating with the widely eco-focused group of shoppers.

According to IBISWorld, both the retail store fixtures and storefront signage markets exhibit low market share concentration, meaning that no vendor controls a majority share. As a result, buyers have more leverage than suppliers during the negotiating process because suppliers must compete strongly with one another to win the business. During the buying process, retailers can pit suppliers against one another to achieve the most competitive prices.

Retail of the Future

Considering Millennials’ expanding role in today’s retail environment, retailers must rethink the way they obtain loyal customers now if they want to retain them and their influence into the future. By improving advertising techniques, e-commerce operations and their physical presences, retailers can attract more customers overall, while further capitalizing on the burgeoning Millennial market.

Fortunately for retailers, there are key strategies and positive market characteristics for all the products and services discussed to help achieve their goals and negotiate the best deals. Many suppliers in each of these markets produce or sell more than just one solution, so buyers will benefit most when sourcing from a single vendor when possible. Doing so may result in bundling discounts, as well as ensuring that advertising campaigns are consistent and that signage and fixtures are compatible. As a result of rising prices in many of the markets, though, it is important now more than ever to understand these markets and strategize for the best price.

New May Fiction Releases from Cedar Fort Publishing

May fiction titles: ‘The Warrior’s Return’ (book 1), ‘Liam Darcy, I Loathe You,’ ‘The Tulip Resistance,’ and ‘Death Is Always a Resident’

SPRINGVILLE, Utah (May 15, 2015) – Cedar Fort Publishing & Media is happy to announce the release of its May fiction titles. This eclectic offering includes a sci-fi adventure, a Jane Austen modern makeover in journal format, a historical drama about Dutch resistance in WWII, and a mystery novel about an elderly residential home.32f7fe06-5dcd-401c-b30a-10753cbfc228


Alyson Peterson’s “Ian Quicksilver: The Warrior’s Return” tells of nerdy foster kid Ian who has to save the galaxy with the help of Arianna, the hottest girl in school. What Arianna doesn’t know is that she and Ian are exiles from another planet — and that they are betrothed. Funny and full of twists, this is one sci-fi adventure you won’t want to miss!





Heidi Jo Doxey gives us “The Jane Journals of Pemberley Prep: Liam Darcy, I Loathe You.” This modern makeover of Jane Austen’s beloved novels follows your favorite stories in a high school setting as six girls begin a writing assignment that changes everything. From cute crushes to dances and dresses, they’re recording it all, and so is their teacher.


“The Tulip Resistance” by Lynne Leatham Allen tells the story of young Marieka Coevorden, a Dutch girl pulled in war she doesn’t understand until she helps a wounded German soldier — a defector — who changes everything. This historical drama delves into the intricacies of the Dutch resistance, its grit to defy orders, and its plans to do what is right.



Lorraine Jeffery’s cozy ebook mystery, “Death is Always a Resident,” is a perfectly thrilling read. It tells how Jan Myers’s dedicated career assisting the elderly becomes a nightmare when an elderly resident mysteriously dies under her care. With everything she loves in jeopardy, it’s up to Jan to piece together the clues and find out what happened . . . before it’s too late. (Title available exclusively in ebook).


Each of these titles is available in bookstores and/or from online retailers.

New Book Shares Spiritual Encounters Spanning 40 Years

Author Diane Stephenson shares how she went from being a shy, introverted child to an adult free from fears and self-limiting belief systems through her spiritual journal, “Interdimensional Dancing: the evolutionary power of spiritual experiences in one’s life” (published by Balboa Press), which covers 40 years of her life.


“I want to impart more knowledge to my children,” Stephenson says of what inspired her to write her book. “I learned by trial and error and more often by failure than success. As a result of this, I shared what I knew with my children as they grew up. I want them to know everything I knew so they have a base of knowledge to build on.”


“Interdimensional Dancing” is an accumulation of short stories delving into separate spiritual encounters that Stephenson says changed her life. The stories are related because they were the continual push behind the author’s evolutionary process.


“Today’s society is waking up and recognizing things are not the way they thought,” Stephenson says. “Truth is difficult to identify. People are looking for new answers and new directions; They are looking for peace. The spirit within us is ever ready to respond to that call. I recognized spirit when it was talking to me. I hope others recognize spirit when it is talking to them and do not disregard it as ‘imagination.'”


“Interdimensional Dancing”

By Diane Stephenson

Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 156 pages | ISBN 9781504330114

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 156 pages | ISBN 9781504330091

E-Book | 156 pages | ISBN 9781504330107

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Diane Stephenson is a truth seeker. She lives with her husband in the pinelands in Estell Manor, New Jersey.

Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, Inc. – a leading provider in publishing products that specialize in self-help and the mind, body, and spirit genres. Through an alliance with indie book publishing leader Author Solutions, LLC, authors benefit from the leadership of Hay House Publishing and the speed-to-market advantages of the self-publishing model. For more information, visit To start publishing your book with Balboa Press, call 877-407-4847 today. For the latest, follow @balboapress on Twitter.


Author John Kinney releases ‘Inside of One Another’

Author John Kinney marks his debut in the world of literature with “Inside of One Another” (published by Xlibris). In this compelling fiction, Kinney tells the story of four friends and the unusual bond that they have formed among themselves. The narrative was largely inspired by real events from the author’s life.


“Inside of One Another” follows the story of Jonathan, Danielle, Patrick and Stacey. They have been friends since grade school. They did things together that were uncharacteristic for four people who were not related by blood. Even their own families find their mutual connection unusual. One fateful day, they embark on a trip where they meet a Sangoma, a native South African shaman. She gives them a necklace which allows them to be connected forever spiritually, even if one of them was to die. This discovery alters their lives forever as they become “closer than blood” (CTB).


Written during the length of his incarceration, “Inside of One Another” was based on Kinney’s trip to West Africa where a meeting with a Sangoma changed his own life. Each of the characters bears the author’s personality traits, save from Stacey, who was originally inspired by the actress Stacey Dash.


The author is hopeful that the CTB story could inspire friendships among people and help them build deeper, more meaningful connections.


“Inside of One Another”

By John Kinney

Hardcover | 6x9in | 456 pages | ISBN 9781503554535

Softcover | 6x9in | 456 pages | ISBN 9781503554542

E-Book | 456 pages | ISBN 9781503554559

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

John Kinney was born in Jersey City, New Jersey and was initiated in the corporate realm at the tender age of 16. Most of his writing during his corporate career was related to that world. Even at a very young age, his ability to capture an audience with a short story was captivating. He is now lauded as one of the most dynamic story tellers of his time. Kinney now resides in Twinsburg near Cleveland with his family.


Xlibris Publishing, an Author Solutions, LLC imprint, is a self-publishing services provider created in 1997 by authors, for authors. By focusing on the needs of creative writers and artists and adopting the latest print-on-demand publishing technology and strategies, we provide expert publishing services with direct and personal access to quality publication in hardcover, trade paperback, custom leather-bound and full-color formats. To date, Xlibris has helped to publish more than 60,000 titles. For more information, visit or call 1-888-795-4274 to receive a free publishing guide. Follow us @XlibrisPub on Twitter for the latest news.

Is Modern Dating a Waste of Time? Unorthodox Matchmaker Said Yes

At a recent event, unorthodox matchmaker and marriage guru Hellen Chen, delivered an unusual message to the singles attending her love seminar in Los Angeles. Her message: don’t waste time in dating.

Chen is known for her work with helping men or women who have the least chance and sometimes also the least desire to get married, to eventually happily say “I do.” She has written 26 books on the subject of love, marriage, family and attainment of life successes. Her famous bestseller “the Matchmaker of the Century” contains real-life stories of how she help singles and couples to overcome adversities in their relationships.

Chen talked about not going into an endless dating game to “find the right one” but learn how to find the right person without dating for a long period of time.

Chen revealed that many singles have spent tremendous time and money to keep up the romantic actions to court a person but it may all be a complete waste of time.

“I tell guys to stop showering the ladies with gifts and dinners unless you are going to marry this person and this person is agreeing to it. If there is no marriage commitment in place, this dating has a high chance of breakup. Comes next Valentine’s Day or birthday or Christmas, this person will no longer be in your life.” said Chen.

Chen also termed this as, “taking care of someone else’s wife.”

“Dating with no marriage goal in mind is simply taking care of the future spouse of someone else. Over 90% of dating ends up in breakups.” said Chen, at her recent Love Seminar event.

For ladies, Chen said that they have made the same mistakes.

She mentioned a few examples: some ladies like to go to a guy’s place to help clean up or take care of him. They are not even sure if the guy would like to marry them. They invest so much time and energy and yet a breakup can end everything. The guy ends up marrying someone else.

Thomas C, an insurance sales agent in his 30s, shared an all-too-typical experience, “I have always wanted to get married and have children since I was in my early 20s. However each time I get into a relationship, I never really insisted that my partner should be at least on the same page to begin with.”

Three ex-girlfriends and 10 years later, Thomas felt a tremendous weariness on the whole game of relationships, “I was about to give up on the idea of marriage and family.”

Thomas met Chen at her Love Seminar event and realized the exact mistakes he had made. “I had thought that the dating part would naturally lead to marriage but I was wrong.” Thomas shared.

Contrary to the belief that knowing a person for a long time could make a person more certain that the partner would be marital material, Chen pointed out that the dating time has increased tremendously since the 1960s and yet divorce rates are going up the roof in modern times.

Chen posed the question, “So let’s say it takes 3 years to know a person well. But we have known marriages that break up even after 10 or 20 years. So should someone wait 10 or 20 years to date the same person to really make sure the person is the right one?”

Chen said, “In generations before us, we have less complication having to date someone for a long time or cohabit with someone first before going into marriage.  Now, a person has a long list of requirements to be met and he or she might even want to check a partner’s credit score before going into marriage.”

Chen, whose marital advice has been showcased in over 200 publications, radio and TV interviews in 20 countries worldwide, has earned her title of being “the Matchmaker of the Century” as she would specially pick men and women who have been too skeptical and too heartbroken about stepping into marriage.

To help singles and couples to learn how to make a marriage last, Chen has started a series of Love Seminars around the world.

Chen will be arriving to Los Angeles for the Hellen Chen’s Love Seminar event on May 23 in Los Angeles.

Registration information can be obtained through calling 800-912-0510

For more information about Chen’s work or her campaign, visit

‘Sheepshead Bay Murder Mystery’

To what extent could money alter the lives of individuals and their families? Is money inherently evil or is it man who should take the blame for all the tragedies it bears? In “Sheepshead Bay Murder Mystery” (published by Xlibris), author Faye Rothstein explores this theme with fresh candidness, revealing a riveting tale of murder, trust and true love.


“Sheepshead Bay Murder Mystery” encompasses an ordinary neighborhood in Brooklyn, N. Y. An ordinary family is hurled into a dilemma beyond their control as money gets into the picture. What this fortune does creates unexpected possibilities that tear them apart from the people they love. There is conflict and the jealousy between two sisters, the indifference of a mother and the detective work that interweaves with romance. Through it all, it remains enthusiastic and shows readers how love could help them see through any seemingly hopeless situation in life.


Honest and captivating, “Sheepshead Bay Murder Mystery” alludes to real events that take place widely in many modern societies. It serves as a warning on the dangers of greed and brings hope and enlightenment to those lost in ill-fated paths.


“Sheepshead Bay Murder Mystery”

By Faye Rothstein

Hardcover | 6x9in | 84 pages | ISBN 9781503543645

Softcover | 6x9in | 84 pages | ISBN 9781503543652

E-Book | 84 pages | ISBN 9781503543669

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Faye Rothstein has been married for 66 years. After the passing of her husband, Larry, she looked back at her wonderful life. She considers Larry as her inspiration and energy. He dedicates her works to him and his memory.