LIFF Review Night Two

Last night I attended the Lighthouse International Film Festival’s second evening and watched two films, Women Who Kill and Until Proven Innocent at the Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts & Sciences.

The first film, Women Who Kill, was directed by Ingrid Jungermann, who also starred as the main character, Morgan.  Morgan and her ex-lover, Jean  live together as well as produce a pod cast that discusses female murderers. Along the way, Morgan meets a women, Simone, who they suspect might be a murderer.  Morgan must decide on which world to cling to: Jean, the lighter side or Simone, the darker side.


Overall, I enjoyed this movie.  Ironically it had a great bit of humor within an odd story focused on murder and the thoughts of someone who was worried about being murdered.

The second film, Until Proven Innocent directed by Andrew Jackson was a powerful piece.  The story took place in Corpus Christi, Texas in 2006. It focused on the Overton family and their fostering of a four-year old boy, Andrew Burd. While in care of the Hannah Overton, Andrew died.  She was charged with capital murder.  From the first interrogation to the trial, Hannah was unfairly treated and ultimately wrongly accused.  It took 8 years for her dream team to correct the wrong.

Until Proven Innocent

If you have never been to the Lighthouse International Film Festival, you must go over and see a film.  There really is something for everyone.  They have three locations:  The Long Beach island Foundation, Surf City Fire Volunteer Station and Long Beach Island Historical Museum.  For more information go to: