MADD Applauds New Jersey Senate’s Passage of All-Offender Interlock Bill

The New Jersey Senate overwhelmingly passed SB 385 today (29-4), joining the House of Representatives in supporting ignition interlocks for all drunk drivers.

If the governor signs SB 385/A 1368 into law, New Jersey will become the 25th state to require all convicted drunk drivers to install ignition interlocks, which prevent vehicles from operating when a driver has been drinking.

MADD is urging Gov. Chris Christie to sign the bill and help make New Jersey roadways safer for residents and travelers. No governor has ever vetoed an ignition interlock bill.

“As a MADD New Jersey volunteer, MADD National Board Member, personal injury attorney and survivor of a pedestrian crash caused by a repeat offender drunk driver, I know firsthand the devastation that can be caused by a repeat offender drunk driver,” said Steven Benvenisti, who suffered life-threatening injuries as a student at the College of New Jersey. “Too many people die every year in New Jersey due to drunk driving. This law has proven to save lives in other states and it is long overdue in New Jersey. I have no doubt that once this law is enacted, we will immediately see a reduction in drunk driving fatalities in our state.”

In 2013, 146 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes on New Jersey roadways. States that require interlocks for all offenders have reduced drunk driving deaths by up to 45 percent, and the Centers for Disease Control reports a 67 percent decrease in repeat offenses when interlocks are used.

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