Your September 2017 Horoscope

by Mary Silvernail – Psychic Astrologer

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ARIES – March 21/April 20

Work and romance have come to a crossroads.  Choose carefully.  Balance is much needed in your life this month.

TAURUS – April 21/May 21

Love is in the September air.  Listen closely to what is said in the workplace; there is more to it. You can soar to great heights this month if you put in the effort.

GEMINI – May22/June 21

Seek refuge at home, your haven from the turmoil.  Children bring much joy and harmony.  Every problem has an answer.  Use your intelligence to find your way.

CANCER – June 22/July 22

Your energy level starts out low and then soars by month’s end.  Love is in your stars.

Let go of the past and allow for the new beginnings in store at month’s end.

LEO – July 23/August 23

Many financial rewards come from short trips.  Look at your current situation with logic and not your heart. You are on the brink of something big.

VIRGO – August 24/September 22

Happy Birthday, Virgo!  It is your month to shine.  There are beautiful new beginnings for you at the time of the Virgo New Moon September 19 – 20.

LIBRA – September 23/October 23

Deep-rooted memories surface now.  Review them, get the answers you need and then release them to the past where they need to stay.

SCORPIO – October 24/November 22

Your social calendar is booked.  Fun, fun, fun is the name of the game this month.  Listen to a friend’s advice.

SAGITTARIUS – November 23/December 21

You are given an important assignment that only you have the know-how and energy to complete.  This will bring your next level of success.

CAPRICORN – December 22/January 20

Your spirits are at an all time high.  The world is your oyster.  Now all you have to do is get those money matters in line.

AQUARIUS – January 21/February 18

The summer sizzle is still cooking in your astrological house of passion.  You are the flavor of the month.  Va-va-va-voom!


PISCES – February 19/March 20

Whatever is not in alignment for your higher purpose in life must go.  Only you know the answer.  Focus is the key for you this month. Things came to ahead at the time of the Pisces Full Moon on the 6th.   Now move ahead!


Happy Birthday, Virgo!  Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac with Mercury as its ruler. White is the color associated with the sign of Virgo. Virgos are meticulous, precise, neat, clean, orderly, exacting and critical.  Virgos can be the most critical of themselves.  They are perfectionists.  Virgos make helpful, loyal friends and business associates.  A Virgo is always ready to help.  Their gems are green jasper and nephrite.

September 5 Mercury stations direct. Everything starts to get back to normal.

At the time of the Pisces Full Moon, September 6, we are very sensitive to the feelings of humanity and all of life in general. Look back to February 26, 2017 at the time of the Pisces Eclipse to understand the seeds you planted at that time that are now coming into fruition.  Allow forgiveness of yourself and of others to happen now in order to allow the Virgo Sun to ground your plans for action.  This is a time of grounding yourself on a physical and metaphysical level in order to change your dreams into reality.

This month is a time of grounding and focus in order to move forward in a healthy physical, emotional and Spiritual manner to achieve our earthly goals.  It is time to eliminate chaos and toxicity in order to be of the best service to ourselves and others.

Keep your eye on your goal.  Use the power of this Virgo New Moon on September 20 to achieve your passion.  You possess much more power than you know!

To quote E.O. Wilson:  “You are capable of more than you know….  Aim high.  Behave honorably…  Persist! The world needs all you can give.”

Many Bright Blessings,

~ Mary Silvernail, ACI, RMT ~

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