Social Media Money: Savvy Couple Ushers in a New Age For Local Businesses

Written by Jennifer Grazioso

Can you really use social media to make big bucks for your business?  The answer is an unequivocal YES. Jersey Shore locals Brandon Louhier and Emily Kearney have been making big names for themselves and BIG bucks for their clients using the power of social media.  Together, this young power couple runs Louhier Strategic Media, a digital agency that specializes in social media marketing and 4K video production for businesses and organizations.

“A lot of business owners find social media to be either intimidating or annoying – or both.  The reality is that social media advertising is a tremendously positive and powerful tool for local businesses to exponentially grow their customer base”, says Louhier, CEO.  “Figuring it all out can seem like a different language sometimes, so we try to make it understandable while we present a cohesive image for their business across all social media and online markets.”

“We’re giving power back to businesses who are finding it increasingly difficult to exist in a world where Amazon has drones that deliver packages right to your door and where hashtags are, somehow, the new form of communication. Yet, the ability to connect and engage with people locally has never been more powerful.  “We’ve been fortunate to share this power with our customers with outstanding, measurable results.” says Kearney, Chief Creative Executive.

Businesses throughout New Jersey have turned to Louhier Strategic Media for their creative approach to marketing as well as their down-to-earth methodology. According to one of their clients: “it’s refreshing to have them come in, get to know me and really collaborate on what’s going on.  They don’t take over and you’re working with good people.”

According to Louhier, “The reason we have been so successful is because we solve the problem of trying to keep up with how fast the digital world changes.  We live in that world and we spend all of our time keeping up with it so our clients don’t have to.”

LSM actively works with such iconic businesses as Blase Denatale Jewelers, the Police Athletic League (PAL) and EliteFit, to name just a few.  They’ve also donated a video production to the Popcorn Park Zoo’s Facebook page to help furry friends find forever homes.

“Businesses must experience continued growth to ensure longevity in a competitive market.  The need for, and the power of, social media marketing is undeniable.  You must be visible to be profitable.  LSM can put your business in the forefront of online advertising, right where your customers are.”

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