Teaneck Southern Little League Laces Up 4 Pediatric Cancer and Raises $2,000.00 for Local Kids with Cancer

The Teaneck Southern Little League (TSLL) raised $2,000.00 by participating in Go4theGoal’s Lace Up 4 Pediatric Cancer® initiative. The league held a garage sale on May 16th at Phil Apreda Field in Teaneck, and the proceeds from the sale were used to purchase Gold Laces from Go4theGoal Foundation.  All 355 players in 29 baseball and softball league Laced Up their cleats with laces from mid-May through the end of their season on June 15th.

“Our league had spent considerable effort over the past couple of years raising funds to renovate our local fields, we wanted a way to give back to the community as thanks for their support,” said Kelvin Sanchez, President of Teaneck Southern Little League.  “This just fit perfectly with the idea of giving back to the community in a meaningful way.  It was also an outstanding opportunity for the kids themselves to learn the importance of helping others, and to be able to do something for local kids in need who don’t have the same opportunities they have.” 

Teaneck Southern Little League is a non-profit, all volunteer organization with a long and proud history of success, having served the Teaneck community since 1952.  The league has players aged 4 to 14 playing on 29 baseball and softball teams.  The funds raised by the TSLL will go back to support Go4theGoal’s programs at Hackensack University Medical Center in partnership with Tomorrow Children’s Fund, including financial assistance for families, wish granting, program funding, and renovations of spaces that improve the quality of life for kids battling cancer.

About Go4theGoal Foundation

Go4theGoal Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2006 by Dr. Richard and Beth Stefanacci, soon after their oldest child was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer.  In 2011 Go4theGoal launched 2 national campaigns, National Pediatric Cancer Awareness Day and Lace Up 4 Pediatric Cancer.  These campaigns give schools, businesses, and sports teams an opportunity to raise awareness and much needed support for kids battling cancer.  Go4theGoal provides children undergoing cancer treatment and their families with financial assistance, funds hospital-based programs, grants special wishes, and since 2007, has funded over $1,000,000.00 in research.  For the past 3 consecutive years Go4theGoal has earned the honor of “Top Rated Non-Profit” by Great Nonprofits.  Go4theGoal.org