Uber & Evesham Expand Free Rides Program to Voorhees Township

Uber New Jersey, Evesham Township Mayor Randy Brown and the Evesham Celebrations Foundation announced the extension of a first-of-its-kind free rides program to include the neighboring Township of Voorhees.

Through this expansion, nearly 30,000 Voorhees residents will be able to take free Uber rides home from Voorhees’ bars and restaurants, helping reduce cases of drunk driving. The expansion is reciprocal: Evesham and Voorhees residents will have the option to take free rides home from locations in one another’s township.

“Keeping drunk drivers off the road should be a priority for every single community here in New Jersey and Uber has proven to do just that,” said Voorhees Mayor Michael Mignogna. “Voorhees is proud to partner with Uber and Evesham as part of this groundbreaking effort.”

In October, Evesham and Uber unveiled a new initiative in which the Township covers the cost — through a mix of contributions from local foundations, donors and businesses — for Uber rides home from Evesham’s restaurants and bars, during the hours of 9pm-2am.

“Communities like ours have struggled for decades to find practical, effective solutions for the problem of drunk driving,” said Evesham Mayor Randy Brown. “The success of the Evesham Saving Lives program cannot be overstated: with a 66% reduction in DUI arrests over the last 3 months, we’re literally saving lives.”

“We know that when people have a safe, reliable way to get a ride home, they make smarter choices and instances of drunk driving are reduced,” said Ana Mahony, General Manager for Uber New Jersey, “Expanding this program to Voorhees is a sign of its success in Evesham, as well as an indication that more and more municipalities are turning to Uber for innovative solutions to their greatest policy challenges.”

The pilot program in Voorhees will run December 18th – January 15th with pickups from 9 local bars and restaurants. The safe rides option in Evesham, which was initially slated to end on January 2nd, will also be extended through January 15th.


  • From December 18th – January 15th between the hours of 9pm and 2am, anyone who opens the Uber app at one of 28 bars and restaurants in Voorhees or Evesham will see a safe rides option at the bottom of the screen

  • Any rides that are requested through the safe rides option and end at a residence within either Voorhees or Evesham city limits will be completely free of charge to the rider