Uber & NJ NAACP to Recruit 3,000 New Drivers from Low Income NJ Communities

Uber New Jersey announced a new partnership with the New Jersey NAACP to recruit 3,000 new drivers from low income communities throughout New Jersey by the end of June 2016. Working with local government officials and community organizations, Uber will host a series of driver education events to inform residents about partnering with Uber and connecting with flexible economic opportunities.
“Creating jobs in low income communities through shared economic platforms and strong partnerships like this is critical to providing support to New Jersey families who need it most while strengthening our region’s economy,” said Senator Cory Booker. “Fostering the creation of new wage-earning opportunities in some of New Jersey’s most underserved communities opens doors that will help preserve the corps of our neighborhoods and build an economy that works for everyone.”

“Our organization shares a similar commitment to breaking boundaries that level the playing field, providing access to essential services,” said NJSC NAACP President Richard Smith. “Economic opportunity stands as a remedy for reducing crime, empowering individuals and improving communities. We stand in support of this commitment to create thousands of local earning opportunities in the parts of New Jersey that need them most.”

“With families struggling across New Jersey, this partnership creating 3,000 new earning opportunities in communities that need them is exactly the type of economic development we need,” said Scot X. Esdaile, NAACP national board member.

“I commend Uber and the NAACP for working together to raise up New Jersey’s most vulnerable communities,” said Cumberland County Freeholder Douglas Long. “Expanding economic opportunity and giving people more work options should be a top priority for everyone in our state.”

Since launching in November 2013, Uber has connected local residents with more than 9.5 million trips across the Garden State. Currently, Uber has a network of over 13,000 driver partners who live in New Jersey. This announcement marks a pledge to bring on 3,000 more driver partners from low income communities.

“Today is a celebration of the many lives Uber has already impacted and the thousands more it stands to change in our community. The flexibility of Uber has allowed me to pursue other aspects of my life from father, to husband and community leader,” said Newark Driver Partner, Rakim Singleton. “I am proud to join Uber and local officials to bring the same earning opportunities to others, that have so greatly affected my own life.”
“Much of the work we do at Uber is about improving the cities we serve through safe, accessible transportation and flexible work opportunities,” said, Uber Community Affairs Lead Malcom Glenn. “Creating thousands of earning opportunities in local communities is essential to building a better New Jersey for everyone, especially those in low income areas. We are excited to cement our commitment to bring thousands of new driver-partners on the Uber platform and offer residents another way to meet their personal and financial needs.”
The partnership will focus on the following counties, whose median income falls below New Jersey’s median income: Camden County, Cumberland County, Salem County, Cape May County, Atlantic County, Ocean County, Passaic County, Union County, Hudson County, Essex County, Warren County.