Your June 2017 Horoscope

by Mary Silvernail – Psychic Astrologer

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ARIES – March 21/April 20

Open your heart to a relative you have not communicated with lately.  You will be pleasantly surprised.  Summer fun is here so find time to enjoy it.

TAURUS – April 21/May 21

Money issues come to a head mid-month.  Now is the time to be frugal yet open to some great money making opportunities.  Go for the gusto!

GEMINI – May 22/June 21

Happy Birthday, Gemini!   It is your month to shine.  This is the beginning of a new, exciting chapter in your life.  Speak your truth and it will be heard.

CANCER – June 22/July 22

Legal issues have positive results for you.  You must let go of the past in order to see the bright future in store for you at this time.

LEO – July 23/August 23

If single you find yourself with so many lovers, but so little time. If partnered, passion is in your stars. The stars are finally shining on your love life.  Bask in it!

VIRGO – August 24/September 22

Your creativity moves you in a new direction regarding your career.  Open your home to entertaining and networking.

LIBRA – September 23/October 23

You may decide to take some classes that interest you. This is a time to be open to new relationships that can bring you joy.  Open your heart and open your mind.

SCORPIO – October 24/November 22

The summer heat is turned on and so is your passion.  A romantic weekend jaunt is just the ticket for some va-va-voom!

SAGITTARIUS – November 23/December 21

A new address is what you yearn for.  Don’t worry, by summer’s end this will come to pass if it is what you truly want.  Learn to enjoy the NOW.

CAPRICORN – December 22/January 20

The promotion you want is yours for the asking.  Be confident of your worth and your hard work will be rewarded.  Never give up.

AQUARIUS – January 21/February 18

A new love enters your life at this time.  There is a strong possibility that this is the ONE.

Be open for opportunities; they abound.

PISCES – February 19/March 20

Do some summer sprucing up of your home for the company that will be knocking at your door.  New beginnings do not have to mean new endings.


Happy Birthday, Gemini! Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac with Mercury as its ruling planet. Yellow is the color associated with Gemini. Geminis are curious, playful, bouncy and clever.  Many are writers, speakers or work in the communications field.  They are quick witted and make excellent sales people.  Their gems are aquamarine and citrine.

The brilliant Sagittarius Full Moon on June 9 will help you reconnect to your truth. It is the time to release the judgments and limiting beliefs of the past   With other universal aspects in play it may also bring a tremendous amount of emotion to the surface.  It is healthy to allow the emotion to rise, yet not boil over.  Simply allow a purging of sorts to set you free once and for all. As this process occurs you will be making room for the expansion and abundance that awaits you.

This Full Moon enlightens us to the call of our highest potential.  Use the Light of this Full Moon to see and align with what is true for you now at this juncture in your life.

June 21 is the Cancer Solstice which marks another shift in the universal energies that bring about more intensity for change. A Solstice is an energetic gateway due to the reduction in the magnetic field of the Earth which allows a greater flux of cosmic radiation to penetrate our atmosphere and our psyche.

What feeds your HEART and your SOUL?  Nurture yourself and meditate on what and where you need to grow?

At the time of the Cancer New Moon on June 23 we can draw upon its power of rebirth for ourselves and the world we want to create.  This is a time of compassion and nurturing.

To quote Marianne Williamson:  “Nothing binds you except your thoughts; nothing limits you except your fear; and nothing controls you except your beliefs.”

Wishing you much Love, Light & Blessings,

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